Mac App Store 1.0.2 version workaround

If you own the Mac App Store version of Midnight Mansion, you have likely noticed that with the recent 1.0.2 update to the game that was posted to the Mac App Store that you can no longer play Episode 2 mansions from within Episode 1, nor can you play Episode 1 mansions from within Episode 2.

This is because such “linking” is against Mac App Store policies, and somehow they didn’t catch this when the game was first submitted to the Mac App Store. I was required to remove this linking to be able to post any updates to the store.

If you are frustrated by this behavior, you can, for now, get around this limitation by using the ActionSoft version of the game. If you download the game from, it should detect that you’ve launched purchased copies of Episodes 1 and 2 on your computer, and it should run fully registered. And this version contains both episodes in a single program.

Note that this workaround may not always be possible. Apple will be introducing a new feature called “sandboxing” to a future version of MacOS X, which may prevent applications from sharing data with each other. But for now, this method works to let you play both Episodes 1 and 2 from within a single program.

If you do not own the Mac App Store version of Midnight Mansion HD, none of this applies to you.

2 Responses to “Mac App Store 1.0.2 version workaround”

  1. Bob C says:

    When are you planning to update the Actionsoft version of MM HD to 1.0.2? I only mention it because 1.0.2 has the gamepad fix.

    Bob C

  2. vern says:

    I’m not sure Bob… I’ve recently started porting the game to iPad and iPhone, and the changes I’ve been making to the code for that have potentially broken things in the Mac version, so it might have to wait until I can take a break from that project.