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How to enter registration codes in Midnight Mansion HD

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Some of you who have purchased codes (or gotten free Episode 2 codes) for Midnight Mansion HD have emailed me wondering how to enter the codes into the game. Whoops! I guess I didn’t explain this very well. It’s under the “Buy Now” button on the title screen. When you start up the game, there is a Buy Now tab in the lower-left corner of the screen. Click this, then you will see an “Enter Code…” button. This is where you can enter a code for Episode 1 or Episode 2.

For the version distributed on, both Episode 1 and Episode 2 are in a single download, although each is unlocked by different codes. Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion for all of you entering codes into the game! Thanks, and happy gaming!

Midnight Mansion HD now available directly from ActionSoft

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Midnight Mansion HD can now be downloaded and purchased directly from ActionSoft, without the need to purchase via the Mac App Store:

Midnight Mansion HD

If you are an owner of the original Midnight Mansion, you can get a free registration code for Episode 2 by using this form:

Free Episode 2 Code Upgrade Form

The ActionSoft version of the game contains both Episodes 1 and 2 in one download, so both can be unlocked, depending on what registration code you purchase. The version is also compatible with the version you can purchase from the Mac App Store, so if you purchase one Episode there, and another on ActionSoft, both will link just as you’d expect.

Please note: the version on ActionSoft is a 1.0.1 update to the game that fixes a lot of bugs. Once you run this version, the original 1.0.0 version will not launch. (Meaning, if you currently have a Mac App Store version on your computer, that version won’t launch after you run the ActionSoft website version, until Apple posts my 1.0.1 update.) This isn’t really a problem, because the ActionSoft version will allow you to play anything you purchased via the Mac App Store. But just be aware that after launching the 1.0.1 version, you won’t be able to run the old 1.0.0 version.