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Midnight Mansion 1.2.0b Released

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Midnight Mansion 1.2.0b has been released, and has the following bug fixes / improvements:

- Fixed conveyor belts so that levers/triggers/switches that affect them, and are marked with “Action is permanent”, it really is permanent if you leave the room and come back. Also fixed “Action is default room state” to work correct.

- Fixed a spot in Cathedral Towers Hard, room 14692, where Jack could jump up a wall under the blue door and get past the door without opening it, thereby getting stuck.

- Added “Comments” field to “Mansion Options” in the Level Builder. Great place to store version information about the mansion.

- When you first open a mansion in the Level Builder, the Open Room dialog now automatically centers around the mansion’s starting room, as set in the Mansion Options dialog.

Insectoid rated 8/10 by Softonic

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Their summary: “Insectoid is a graphical treat with plenty of alien variety to keep you coming back to kill more. The difficulty level makes it perfect for newcomers to the genre too.”